zigbee gateway

Exegin’s Q60 Zigbee Gateway is a complete software implementation of the Zigbee Gateway Device (ZGD) draft specification.

A ZGD presents a Zigbee PAN to hosts on an IP network using common web services protocols. Exegin’s Zigbee Gateway supports bindings to REST (Representational State Transfer).

A Zigbee IP Host Application (IPHA) is the host-side counterpart to the Zigbee Gateway. Exegin’s IPHA Framework may be used to control and monitor any product using the Zigbee Gateway Software.


  • Presentation Bindings
    • REST
  • 802.15.4 Radios
    • Atmel AT86RF212 (900MHz)
    • Atmel AT86RF231
    • TI CC2420
    • 802.15.4 USB Stick
    • PAN Abstraction layer for easy porting
  • Operating Systems
    • eCos, uC/OS-II, Linux 2.6
    • OS Abstraction Layer for easy porting
  • CPU Architectures
    • ARM, PowerPC, x86
  • Programming Language
    • C