q53 gateway

Access and manage your Zigbee PAN from anywhere on the Internet using standard web services protocols.

Our gateways provide computers with a secure network interface to a Zigbee PAN. Unlike a bridge, which logically extends a PAN across an internet connection, a gateway provides network services on behalf of a Zigbee PAN. These services are provided to network clients using REST, an open, well-supported, industry-standard remote procedure call (RPC) protocol.

Q53 Gateway

Software on any computer can control or monitor any Zigbee device in the PAN via the Q53. Exegin provides an example python application, called Tiki2, for controlling the Q53.

Extend your Zigbee PAN from the top floor to the basement, or around the world—anywhere the Internet goes with the Q53’s Zigbee Bridge Device(ZBD) feature. You need two Q53 Zigbee Gateways to bridge the network.

Installation of the Q53 is quick and easy with DHCP. Once your Q53 is configured, you can manage it using its HTTP and SSH servers.