zigbee & connectivity standards (zigbee) alliance

zigbee – connecting your home and your world

They’re everywhere – common appliances, gadgets, and accessories that we constantly turn on, turn off, and adjust. Now imagine a technology that allows you to read, connect, control, and automate those devices from anywhere. That’s Zigbee.

Initially developed in the late ’90s, Zigbee is a networking protocol used to wirelessly connect line and battery-powered control and sensor devices. Zigbee-enabled components communicate via radio to create low-cost, low-power mesh networks, providing control of up to 1,000 devices.

Mesh networks eliminate the need for costly physical cabling, are resilient (with no single point of failure), inexpensive to run, and have very low power requirements.

Layered above IEEE 802.15.4 standards, Zigbee has been universally adopted for many applications including home automation, industrial lighting, smart grid management, and retail display.

the connectivity standards (zigbee) alliance – promoting the adoption of zigbee and iot

Established in 2002, the Zigbee Alliance or now the CSA is a group of companies and organizations dedicated to the adoption of the Zigbee networking standard and the evolving Internet of Things (IoT).

With more than 400 members, including industry leaders such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Signify, Texas Instruments, Ikea etc, the alliance conducts product certification and interoperability testing enabling flexible, secure, and sustainable networks around the globe.

Exegin has been an active member of the Zigbee Alliance since 2006.

zigbee and the future of iot

The IoT market continues to grow at an astonishing pace; IDC predicts it will exceed 28 billion connected devices by 2020 (not including tablets and smartphones).

As new applications emerge and adoption grows, so does the demand for sustainable technology. Zigbee networks make a compelling case for ‘green’ technology with their minimal power requirements – some even run on harvested energy, requiring no batteries at all.

Zigbee’s applications range from the home to industry, from utilities to retail and healthcare. With a foundation of open standards, compelling technology, and a strong advocating body, Zigbee, the alliance and its members will continue to lead the way in IoT innovation.