pioneering the internet of things

In 2002 researchers in Berkeley were connecting small, radio-enabled sensors into ‘mesh networks’ to collect and share data. Soon after, a group of engineers in British Columbia began work on a gateway device to connect those networks to the internet. Exegin was born, and its race towards the Internet of Things (IoT) was officially underway.

Today Exegin is a leading independent developer of silicon-agnostic IoT/mesh networking software and an active member of the Wi-SUN and Zigbee Alliances, a combined group of over 400 companies collaborating to develop networking standards for low-cost, low-power networks applicable to all aspects of the IoT.

technology innovation

Exegin’s 802.15.4 mesh networking protocol stacks; Wi-SUN’s FAN 1.0, CSA’s JupiterMesh and Zigbee 3.0 with PRO 2017 have been adopted by silicon vendors and OEM manufacturers worldwide, transforming critical infrastructure applications such as home automation, smart city and electrical grids.

65 million smart meters and counting

Known as ‘Smart Grid’ technology, utility companies are deploying next-generation smart meters with embedded Exegin software. These meters communicate with residential devices to optimize power delivery while delivering savings and consumption data to homeowners. The emerging UK market alone is estimated to exceed 150 million smart meters.

powerful partnerships

As part of the Wi-SUN and Connectivity Standards Alliances, Exegin is actively engaged with industry notables such as STMicro, Qualcomm, Amazon, Honeywell, Itron and Cisco to drive innovation in the IoT/mesh networking market.

leaders in the iot market

Analysts predict the IoT market will exceed 50 billion devices and top $1.29 trillion in revenues by 2023. Innovation powered by Exegin through the use of Wi-SUN and Zigbee (CSA) defined technology is transforming the workplace, our homes, and our cities.

  • INDOOR LIGHTING SYSTEMS reduce energy consumption and improve work environments. It’s estimated tens of billions of devices may be networked.
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTING SOLUTIONS allow cities to conserve energy while dramatically reducing costs.
  • RETAIL SERVICES electronic shelf labels connected by Zigbee networks enable retailers to balance demand, change pricing and optimize inventory. This market is projected to reach $2 billion by 2019.
  • SMART UTILITY SOLUTIONS provide for automated meter reading as well as grid infrastructure monitoring.

Exegin, an IoT pioneer, remains at the forefront of the Internet of Things with leading technology, dynamic partnerships, and a strong vision for the future.