Wi-SUN FAN is the robust, low-power industrial IoT wireless mesh network with flexible data rates that enables neighborhood and field area communications for utilities and municipalities deploying intelligent grid and smart city solutions. Wi-SUN FAN is the world-wide trademarked brand for the communications solution.

The Wi-SUN FAN technical profile specification is built on open IETF and IEEE standards and includes advanced technologies such as IPv6, frequency hopping, authentication, encryption, and key management to drive industry realization of interoperable multi-vendor implementations that scale and are secure and easy to manage.

Exegin’s implementation of Wi-SUN FAN uses the same architecture defined by the IETF for any IPv6 implementation along with a full 6LoWPAN layer for header compression and an IEEE 802.15.4 (2015) compliant MAC layer.

The lowest architectural layers, the PHY and MAC layers, supports a range of 802.15.4 radios chipsets and USB radio dongles which in turn can provide coverage for most modulations, FSK, and data rates.

Above the MAC layer is the Network interface layer. This layer includes the 6LoWPAN header compression along with Exegin’s Low Power Wireless Interface which provides the functions to support the requirements of an IPv6 transport protocol and the Roll Mesh routing protocol.

The Wi-SUN FAN protocol stack can use either UDP or TCP as transport mechanisms.

For authentication the standard implements EAPOL with TLS and a set of security suites all of which are provided.

The stack implements the full AES CCM* security suite.


Because Exegin’s Wi-SUN FAN implementation is designed for 32-bit processors, and not resource constrained 8-bit SoCs, it affords you the flexibility and capacity to implement the application you need:

  • Any radio. A hardware abstraction at the PHY layer lets you plug in drivers for 802.15.4 radios from any vendor.
  • Multiple simultaneous radios. As expected from modern TCP/IP implementation, Exegin’s Wi-SUN FAN stack can interface to multiple PHY devices (radios)
  • Heavy-duty performance.


  • Wi-SUN FAN
    • 6LoWPAN packet compression: RFC4944 and RFC6282
    • 6LoWPAN neighbour discovery: RFC6775
    • IPv6 Core protocols: RFC2460
    • RPL Routing protocol: RFC6550, 6551, 6553, 6554
    • RPL Objective Function Zero: RFC6552
    • RPL Min-Rank Hysteresis OF: RFC6719
    • PANA Authentication: RFC5191
    • TLS version 1.2: RFC5246
    • Extensible Authentication Protocol: RFC3748
    • EAP-TLS authentication: RFC5216
    • AES-CCM Cipher suites: draft-mcgrew-tls-aes-ccm-ecc
    • MPL Multicast forwarding: draft-ietf-roll-trickle-mcast
  • 802.15.4 MAC implementations
    • 802.15.4 2015
  • 802.15.4 Radio Drivers
    • Microchip/Atmel: AT86RF215
    • Analog Devices: ADF7023 ADF7030
    • Silicon Labs: ERF32
    • Exegin: Q-59 802.15.4 USB Dongles
  • Operating Systems
    • FreeRtos, Linux,
    • OS Abstraction Layer for easy porting
  • CPU Architectures
    • ARM,  x86
  • Programming Language
    • C