Wi-SUN Alliance

Wi-SUN – connecting industry

They’re everywhere – unseen devices communicating with each other to perform the task demanded by industry. That’s Wi-SUN.

Leveraging off of the tried and true communications protocols of the internet, Wi-SUN Communications Profiles deliver industrial grade implementations of these protocols over meshed 802.15.4 (2015) radios and PLC transceivers.

Mesh networks eliminate the need for costly physical cabling, are resilient (with no single point of failure), inexpensive to run, and have very low power requirements.
Layered above IEEE 802.15.4 standards, the Wi-SUN Communications Profiles use the IETF RFCs to define internet compatible mesh networks for industrial scale and demand..
the Wi-SUN Alliance – promoting the adoption of the Wi-SUN communications profiles and iot

About the Wi-SUN Alliance

Wi-SUN Alliance was established in April 2012

Incorporated as Not for Profit Organization (501c) in Delaware, US

Regional representation in North America, Europe, India, Japan, Singapore Over 130 member companies including product vendors, silicon vendors, software companies, utilities, government institutions and universities.

Specification of wireless communications networks based on IEEE 802.15.4 (2015) RF (and derivatives) and ipv6 / 6lowpan for Both Field Area Networks (FAN) and Home Area Networks (HAN).

Defines testing and certification program for multi-vendor interoperable solutions
Exegin has been an active member of the Wi-SUN Alliance since 2012.

Wi-SUN and the future of iot

The IoT market continues to grow at an astonishing pace; IDC predicts it will exceed 56 billion connected devices by 2025 (not including tablets and smartphones).
As new applications emerge and adoption grows, so does the demand for sustainable technology. Wi-SUN networks make a compelling case for ‘green’ technology with their minimal power requirements – some even run on harvested energy, requiring no batteries at all.

Wi-SUN’s applications range from the industrial grade Utility, Smart Cities Field Area Networks through M2M of agriculture and structural health and asset monitoring. Wi-SUN provides the Communications Profile Definitions based on:

  • Open Standards for Field Area, IoT wireless networks
  • Interoperability Testing + Certification Authority

for Peer to Peer Wireless Mesh networks based on IEEE 802.15.4 (2015) and IPv6. Current focus is on enabling multi-vendor Field Area Networks (FANs) and communications for smart city and smart utility networks. The Wi-SUN alliance and its members will continue to lead the way in utility grade IPv6 based IoT innovation.