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Exegin's software library provides a range of robust software modules for your embedded or host-based application.


  • Field Tested: software has been deployed in millions of systems worldwide. See our Applications section for examples.
  • Complete solution: Exegin accelerates your time-to-market with a full range of components from embedded 802.15.4 drivers through to host applications, complemented by our dedicated customer support team.
  • Flexibility: Our software implements all of the mandatory and most of the optional features of ZigBee, allowing you to structure your application exactly the way you want.
  • Modularity: We've targeted a wide range of 802.15.4 radios, microprocessor architectures, and operating systems-simplifying your product development without locking in your hardware.
  • Future-proof: Exegin is an active participant in the ZigBee Alliance and a contributor to ZigBee standardization efforts. We track the standards to ensure that your design stays on the right side of the cutting edge.

Software Modules

ZigBee 2007 and PRO Network Stacks

Accelerate your application development with Exegin's complete ZigBee Network stack.

ZigBee Gateway

This module provides a complete software implementation of the ZigBee Gateway Device (ZGD) draft specification. A ZGD presents a ZigBee PAN to hosts on an IP network using common web services protocols.

ZigBee IPHA Framework

Counterpart to the ZigBee Gateway Device is the Internet Protocol Host Application (IPHA). Via a ZGD, the IPHA is able to monitor and control devices in a ZigBee PAN. Exegin's IP Host Application Framework provides an interoperable IPHA implementation that you can use as the basis for your own applications.

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Q51 Remote Protocol Analyzer


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