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Exegin Certifies its ZigBee Platform

October 1, 2008 — Exegin announced the certification of its ZigBee® stack software and Q52/Q53 bridge/gateway hardware as a ZigBee PRO compliant platform.

Exegin's ZigBee stack was specifically designed for more powerful 32-bit systems that provide central services in personal area networks (PANs). It is the first in the industry with a bridging layer that supports multiple ZigBee radios, both real and virtual, within a single PAN and implements the ZigBee Alliance's ZIPT internet bridge transport layer.

Applications can be quickly deployed with Exegin's hardware, a compact 32-bit PowerPC microcontroller with Ethernet and twin 802.15.4 interfaces and 2.4GHz or 900MHz radios. Application software such as an Energy Service Portal or a TCP/IP service can be developed using open-source development tools. Hardware and operating system abstraction layers simplify the porting of the stack to other RISC processors (ARM®, MIPS®, etc.) and other operating systems.

"Certification of our ZigBee compliant platform is an essential part of our hardware and software business. We can now ship products that connect ZigBee PANs and host-based applications over TCP/IP networks, allowing ZigBee devices from many different manufacturers to be commissioned and managed from across a room or across an ocean." said Les Mulder, Exegin's president.

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