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Exegin Announces the Q51 ZigBee Protocol Analyzer

September 13, 2005 — Exegin Technologies Limited announces its first product based on ZigBee networking technology, the Q51 Protocol Analyzer.

The Q51 allows developers and maintainers of ZigBee devices to monitor and analyze network traffic across an internet connection. Q51 transceivers can be placed in one or more vantage points to capture all traffic - even on large networks with hidden nodes - for forwarding to a workstation for decoding and analysis. Plug-ins for the industry standard Ethereal protocol analyzer provide full decoding of all layers, from 802.15.4 to ZigBee application profiles.

The stand-alone transceivers can scan all 2.4GHz channels and are available in a variety of configurations, with internal antennas or for external antennas and powered by an external supply or through Power Over Ethernet (802.11af).

The Q51 is currently in beta testing and will be shipping in the first quarter of 2006.

Exegin is a Vancouver-based, privately owned developer of cutting-edge networking technology. For more information, visit www.exegin.com.

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